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What is Usarph?
Usarph is an online pharmacy solution for users who want to connect with their local pharmacy stores, pharmacists, prescribers and pharmacy staff. It provides information about pharmacy personnel and is your friend at offering health tips and health related information.


What do I need to sign up for an account at Usarph?
All you need is your first name, last name, address, date of birth, email, password, contact number and a user-specified password. In order to create an account, you must be 18 years or older.


What else I can get at Usarph.com?
At Usarph.com, you can find out more information about the pharmacy stores, pharmacists, pharmacy staff and prescribers. One can easily find when a pharmacy store gets open and closes, likewise there is a lot more information you can get from Usarph.com. Alongside the pharmacy personnel information, Usarph is also committed to provide health related information and tips that help users know about a health related topic vaguely. Please note, these articles are for the purpose of information only and users have to visit their concerned doctor in case of any health issue.


How to get listed in the Pharmacy Stores at Usarph?
To join the pharmacy stores at Usarph, you have to get registered by providing all the necessary Pharmacy information that includes Pharmacy name, Pharmacy address, Corporate address and Supervising pharmacist information etc.


How to get listed in the Pharmacists List at Usarph?
To join the existing pharmacists at Usarph, you have to get registered by providing all the necessary information that includes name, name of the pharmacy you are associated with, pharmacist position, address, pharmacy degree, and state of registration etc


How to get listed in the Prescribers List at Usarph?
To join the existing Prescribers at Usarph, you have to get registered by providing all the necessary information that includes Personal information and License information.


Does Usarph charge any amount to use its services?
NO, Usarph doesn't even charge a penny to use its services. It's absolutely free and simple to use.

Is it necessary to have an account to use Usarph.com?
A user can search for pharmacy related information and read health tips on the site without any account. However, in order to list a pharmacy or to get listed as a pharmacist/prescriber, a user is required to create a respective account in the registration section.

What kind of pharmacies/ pharmacy staff/ pharmacists are there on Usarph.com?
Usarph takes the privilege in encouraging neighbourhood pharmacies, pharmacists and perscribers to join Usarph. In case if you see your pharmacy/pharmacist is not listed in the website, please let us know by writing us with the pharmacy/pharmacist details including name, mail and contact, and we will contact them and invite to join us.