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Pharmacy Articles

WHO Launches Anti-Ebola Vaccine In Congo

by Wochit 22 May 2018

The World Health Organization is trying to get the jump on Ebola with a vaccination campaign.It just released an experimental vaccine by Merck in Mbandaka, Congo.Four cases of the deadly disease have already been confirmed there.WHO officials say it marks a 'p

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Aimovig New Drug For Migraine

by Wochit 19 May 2018

According to Business Insider, "The FDA just approved a new preventative migraine treatment. The drug, Aimovig, is the first of a new class of medications that's going after the huge migraine market. An estimated 38 million Americans have migraines and around

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New Drug Prevents Migraines Before They Start

by Wochit 18 May 2018

The FDA approved a new migraine drug on Thursday. Aimovig, known generically as erenumab, is the first drug shown to stop migraine headaches before they start. The drug would be approved for patients who have tried other drugs and found no relief. In studies,

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FDA Approves New Opioid Withdrawal Treatment

by Wochit 18 May 2018

The FDA has approved the first treatment for opioid withdrawal that is not based on an opioid drug.Made by US WorldMeds, the drug Lucemyra specifically treats narcotic withdrawal symptoms including; vomiting, muscle aches, diarrhea, anxiety, sleep problems and

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