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Pharmacy Articles

Can Marijuana Peak In 2019?

by Wochit 22 January 2019

On November 7, the day after Democrats seized control of the House with what would become a 40-seat swing, President Trump fired his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. That day, at his home in California, Smoke Wallin’s phone blew up with congratulatory ca

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Scientists Grow Human Blood Vessels In A Petri Dish For 1st Time

by Wochit 19 January 2019

According to a report by Digital Trends, a team of researchers has managed to grow human blood vessels in a lab for the first time, and even successfully managed to implant them into living mice. Josef Penninger, director of the Life Sciences Institute at the

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More Pregnant Women Are Using Marijuana And Doctors Aren't Pleased

by Wochit 18 January 2019

The use of alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy declined during the years 2002 and 2006. But as more US states legalize marijuana, research indicates that more pregnant women are using the drug. Some studies suggest marijuana use during pregnancy may restri

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Scientists Developing Birth Control Patch That Last 6 Months With No Doctor Visits

by Wochit 17 January 2019

A team of scientists is developing a new birth control patch that could someday provide contraception for six months at a time, NBC News reported. The patch was recently tested in rats, and the researchers are now working on a version for humans. The patch is

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