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Pharmacy Articles

New Study Has A Warning About 'Good Cholesterol' For Older Women

by wochit 20 July 2018

July 19 (UPI) -- "Good cholesterol" may not be a good indicator an older woman has a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease, according to a study. Researchers in the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health studied high-density lipopr

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Study Suggest CRISPR Gene Editing Doing More Harm Than Good

by wochit 18 July 2018

According to a report by, a new study found that CRISPR, heralded as the future of gene-editing, can cause greater damage to cells than previously thought. Scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute found that CRISPR frequently caused extensive mutat

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Studies Show Men Recover More Quickly From The Flu Than Women

by wochit 18 July 2018

According to a study of mice and human cells, men recover from the flu more quickly than women. The reason for this is a larger presence of a lung-healing protein called “amphiregulin.” Researchers think that males evolved greater wound-healing abi

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Magnetized Wire Ups Early Blood Cancer Detection Rate

by wochit 17 July 2018

UPI reports researchers have developed a magnetic wire as a quick and effective way to detect cancer early. Scientists from the Canary Center at Stanford for Cancer Early Detection report that the wire could be more effective than standard methods to catch har

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