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Answer to your Blog / Discussionm Question
Q. Shameless Blog Promotion

1. Add every post you do to Delicious and Digg
2. Get some friends to do the same (get Digged); don’t over do it, but just make sure you get two or three Diggs per blog post. If your post is good, your readers will do the rest
3. Add your blog to engines such as ‘Blog Catalog‘ and ‘Technorati’
4. Update your Linkedin status update (‘New blog post: etc etc’). Don’t leave it there for a month, delete it after a few days
5. Make sure you tweet your post on Twitter. (While you are there, retweet some other people’s stuff too.)
6. Submit your blog post as a news article to a relevant Linkedin group
7. If your blog post is suitable for a debate, start a discussion in this Linkedin Group.

The above should take you about 20 minutes. It’s a great way of starting on your road to shameless blog promotion.