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Health Tips

Was A Man's Heart Attack Caused By THC Lollipop

by wochit 14 February 2019

According to Business Insider, "A man had a heart attack and doctors think it was triggered by a cannabis lollipop. The lollipop contained more than 12 times the amount of THC found in a normal joint....

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Here Are The Concerns Parents Should Have About CBD

by wochit 13 February 2019

Recently, my teenage daughter and I had brunch at a well-known restaurant in Soho. As we waited for our breakfast to arrive, I noticed a sign on the table. “Put CBD in your coffee!” was in...

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Lyft Explores Health Care

by Wochit 12 February 2019

Business Insider reports that ride-share company Lyft is pursuing the healthcare market. On Thursday, the company revealed an expanded partnership with payers Blue Cross Blue Shiel and Humana. The par...

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Diabetes Remission Following Weight Loss Surgery

by Wochit 03 August 2018

Researchers have discovered why some patients' type 2 diabetes goes into remission following aggressive weight loss. According to UPI, the researchers found improved functioning of pancreatic beta cel...

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