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Health Tips

Diabetes Remission Following Weight Loss Surgery

by Wochit 03 August 2018

Researchers have discovered why some patients' type 2 diabetes goes into remission following aggressive weight loss. According to UPI, the researchers found improved functioning of pancreatic beta cel...

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WHO Says There May Be No Vaccine For Congo Ebola Outbreak

by Wochit 03 August 2018

There may not be a vaccine for the new outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Reuters reports there have been four confirmed cases, including two health workers. Officials have not con...

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What To Do When Switching Birth Control

by Wochit 03 August 2018

Switching Birth control can be difficult, so be careful when doing so."Varying levels of hormones across methods can make the transition a bumpy one, especially if you're not prepared for potential si...

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Researchers Find Characteristics That Lead To Opioid Addiction

by Wochit 02 August 2018

Certain risk factors have been found to contribute to opioid misuse. Researchers have discovered that specific prescribing patterns, surgical procedures, and patient characteristics increase the risk ...

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